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Me?? A normal girl like the others...^^ Nothing so special... Im really proud of myself being SuJu's ELF now. Although it is not official, as long as I can show some true love for them then that is enough. I LOVE Super Junior so much. I will support them always till the end. Thats all what I can mention about SuJu. =) Anyway, don't have any special reason for me started to blog...=) so...everyone is welcome to view my blog...=) Hate me? Don't like me? LEAVE!

Saturday, June 5, 2010









Sunday, March 21, 2010

While Im showing some love....

It's 21st of March already.
And Super Show 2 in Malaysia was yesterday.
A lot place they've been to held SS2.
And 10th of April , it gonna be the last date for SS2 and the last stop is Phillipine..
Phillipine ELF !! Get ready huh!! =)
The boys is very tired. But all of us, ELF, support them...Give them strength .... That is what they need..
We'll always showing them love as what ELF promised.. 

19th March as it was on Friday, the boys arrived KLIA at 4.30pm (details by ELF ^^)
A lot fan went to there and welcome the boys ... Some pics was post by them on Twitter.
And then that night is the rehearsal for SS2 for the next day.. that gonna be so tiring... (pity my boys)..
Started from that period, Im feeling like im so near with my boys already.. Untill now..until they'll going back to Korea tonight....Detail given by Lovely ELF.

20th of March..
Yea, right..It's my brother Christiaan's 17th birthday.. Happy Birthday bro.. =)
By the way, it also SS2 at M'sia.. How sad i cant be there...T.T 
It was held at Bukit Jalil...
When I woke up in the morning, that was the first thing i thought.. "SS 2 at M'sia today"... =(
I shed my tears cause im feeling sad that i cant be there with other ELF..
So,the first thing i did was i took my handyphone and message to one lovely ELF and ask her to help me show my love there when the concert start yesterday night..
Arrrghhhhh!!!! T.T why? why i cant be there? 
I went to my English tuition at around 10am.. it will be started at 11am..
Hmmm.. But im so feeling unwell..not that im sick...I was just keep thought about the SS2 that will be held at 7 yesterday night...
At about 7.40pm yesterday, I message one of my Lovely ELF, she told me she was already there and waiting for the concert to start. She said that it's already 40 minutes late..
Then I asked her either if i can call her when the boys is performing, when SS2 is on going.
I told her to just raise her handyphone on the air while she was watching the concert so i can heard the concert..I said to her that i really wish to hear the boys live singing sound as it can comfort my sad feel cause i cant attend it.. 
Cant believe she replied me and said sure, she can do that...
How happy am i that time.. 
So, that is why I love ELF so much.... They are so lovely...
At around 8pm yesterday, I call her.. Then she direct raise her phone..
OMG!! I cant believe I was listening to LIVE Super Show 2 at M'sia..
I heard a lot of ELF shouting trough the call... They are extremely happy..
I can imagine how's the feeling if I was there...
It was so pure... It was my lovely boys singing sound..=)
Although it was just LISTENING,it was just a CALL, but I felt like i was there watching them..
I did this because I really love them... That's what I think...
When the first call i made , they were singing Don't Don.. 
Because of my handyphone's credit problem,it wasn't seems enough..So I just made the call once a while,and another one time again awhile.. 
It was really bright my day.. 
When it's already end,I just cant stop smile alone... Cause I was really happy..
I dont know...From that time start, I just keep thought about ELF.. Which they are so so so lovely...
We love each other so much.... ELF!!!!! Saranghae!!!! *tears*  Super Junior !! Saranghae oppa!! =)
We are SHINING STAR.. We spread SAPPHIRE BLUE balloon.. 
That's what we show to our LOVELY BOYS..... SUPER JUNIOR.

Monday, March 15, 2010


It's already 15 March 2010. 
Am I too late? For everything? I wish I'm not.
I'm too busy these few days. Can't even spend time for my BOYS.. Don't get it wrong. They're SuJu. =)
I am not updated with their news recently.. And its a lot... Feel like crying T.T .. I'm SAD!!!!
But, of course I still love them.. And even more.. Reason? I have no idea..
Well, just like you boys and girls out there.. Of course there are no reason for you guys in love with your relationship partner right? So do I. =)

Anyway, back to the topic. Yea,right..I'm too busy for studying, homework. Hmm? What else? O.o?
Okey, fine.. Can't spend time for my SuJu BOYS and it's hard for my friends too? =( Sorry, girls..
But it is fair..(i think..haha) Cause it's hard to spend time with them, and hard for you girls too..So, it's same.. kekeke....^^

Worst, no time for them.. What else? Grrrrrrr~!!! My Science exam paper.. 44% ??? Just one more ... one more... one more mark then I pass.. How come? I have studied hard.. =(
I'm really hurt and sad.. Feel like really want to drop my tears once I get the paper. But I cant, I was at school.. Imagine, how hurt when I hold my tears? Ouchh !! T.T This is the first time I had this kind of emotional feeling.. 
Dont care!! No matter what, I have to try my best for the next exam after this one.. 
This is just the beginning.. Yeap, that's what I think... God, please give me strength ..

Okey, till here. Want to chat with my Beloved ELF  =) And watch video..
Take care guys =)


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hey everyone.How you guys doing?Im back.Yea, its been long long time i didn't update my blog.
Busy? Nope.I dont think so.Anyway,as usual,the same things I do.Sorry guys.Nowadays, I felt that Super Junior is more meaning to myself already.I dont know if I think this way may be not right to others.But that's what I thought.=)

Next,I'll be update my blog with very recent stuff.Will not for those old stuff.
This holiday,passed so fast.Very fast.Im going to be in form3 soon.School will be reopen soon.
Am I ready? Im not sure. A lot things that happened this 09 year. Unhappy,happy,bad..Okey that's a lot lot..

Fine,I dont wanna mention about that. Next, I want to mention about SuJu's recent news..
Cry..Sad..That's the first thing I wanna say before start mention about the news..
Why? Why? Whats wrong with their life nowadays? Awwwww..How I wish to be by their side now..Support them..Wipe all their tears and their sadness.. Accompany them..T.T
Recently, Hankyung oppa have faced a problems..He's in a case now.What happen? Whats wrong with SMe? You guys cant treated Hankyung oppa like that although he's a foreigner..He's also one of Super Junior..This is unfair..

The main thing in this problems is, Hankyung oppa have a request to leave SMe..Yea, leaving Super Junior.
From the news, it haven't been confirmed yet..I have to stay tuned with the news..But,it's really so much worry feeling in my mind now.So much.Even tears dropped.Some said this it's just a mere rumor..How I wish so much that the news is just a rumor..I dont want this to be true...It is not right at all..
I know Hankyung oppa wont do this.He loves Super Junior, he loves his hyung..I'll still believing Hankyung oppa . Believing Super Junior . NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED..

Hankyung oppa...T.T dont do this..
There are no Super Junior without you,oppa...=(
Oppa HWAITING!! ELF will be stand by you guys' side no matter what happen..Will keep on supporting you guys..
Super Junior HWAITING!! Hangeng HWAITING!! Saranghaeyo.. =(


'13elieve SUPER JUNIOR' by Kyuhyun oppa =)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

School Holiday. Showing some love for Lovely Boys SuJu =)

First of all,I'll begin my blog today with what I've done for my boys Super Junior =)
I'll show some pic first.. :

This is the first time Im being fan like this.^^ But its really make me happy.[LoL..? Even bright my day. XD] Anyway,I done these by myself. I've used about 8-9hours something to done this.=) Start from around 5pm till 1midnight. So, it was on Sunday[15 Nov]-Monday[16 Nov]. And im really excited after i done it. Im planning to stick these for my wall decoration with Super  Junior members' pic together. 

Pics shown as below :




Thats 13 of my lovely Super Junior boys. From Dear LeeTeuk untill Dear Kyuhyun.
After this, im gonna show my recent wall decoration. XD 
I love it so much.


I'll sleep very well with these. Haha. Having a very sweet dream every night I sleep. XD
Okey, I think thats all about my lovely SuJu boys stuff. =)


[16 November , Monday]
Nothing special for that day. Just as usual, went to school and then talk with my girls. Claudia and Audrey was absent for school on that day. So, just left me with Cynthia. I've shown her and one of my classmate those SuJu stuff that I've done. =D Their comment was like shock and then like "Oh my god! Cassandra, you're so obsessed already." XDD 
Of course, those are for my Boys Super Junior. Anything worth for them.

[17 November, Tuesday]
Last day for school. But only need to brought mom to take school report card. Thats all. Hmmm. Phhiieewww..~ nothing bad about me told by Teacher Richard. Everything's just fine. =) OMG!! What?! My class is 3AM2 for next year. Arrrrgggghhh!! Fine then!! But I don't like. =( 
After that, went back home and then went out again to accompany mom went to bank and then bought some stuff. Wheee~ I've bought a megazine with poster of Super Junior - M in it. The poster quite big. =D Happy. Evening, went to Karamunsing with sis. Awww~ I saw a Sponge-Bob blanket. Its really cute. I want to buy it. But my money was not enough that day.. It cost RM48. =( Fine.Buy it next time

[18 November, Wednesday]
o.O?? Nothing special. Just went out with mom and brother [Off day for his work =.=] . We went to bank for doing my brother's stuff. And then go "yam-cha". After that balik rumah. =.=
Whee~ 6.10pm. Switch to KBS World - Lets go! Dream Team Season 2. =) EunHyuk! One of my lovely boy SuJu.^^ SHINee Min-Ho also in that show. He's cute. Watch it until 7.25pm and then need to wait until next Wednesday for another episod again. ^^ Can't wait. haha. Night, went out to Damai. Buy thing,buy thing, buy thing. And then balik rumah. =.=
Doing SuJu stuff again. XDD

I think thats all for now. =)
Stay tune for my next update.
Take care you all readers and bloggers.
Before I forget, my lovely SuJu DongHae is sick now. Know the news from member in SJ-World.
DongHae ah!! Take good care of yourself =) Saranghaeyo. 

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Woow.. Its been very long time i didn't update my blog.. Sorry readers..=)
Well, there's nothing special anyway when i didn't update..
Just sick for once..and then have a ear-ache..=.= 
School final exam..erm..what else? er...Of course. SuJu stuff.. Lalalalalalal~ =D

[About lovely SuJu]
Recently,im being a member in SJ-world.net...Its really happy..
I don't know what is the special reason. Just... feels like really proud being part of SuJu ELF/Fan/Member to support. Feels like myself will standing by SuJu 13+2=15 oppas side always and forever,strongly support them no matter what happen... Arrrhh~!! What a comfort feel ever..^^

Whheeeee..~~ 6 November 2009 was Super Junior 4th anniversary..
Its been 4years since their debuted,it was 6 November 2005..
Proud of you guys..Mwackx.
Also,lovely SJ-world gave Super Junior anniversary presie.. Its really nice..woow..=) I love it so much.. SJ-world is the best^^

[14 November]
Out with X.Wei and Corinne dear today.=)
Plan to watch 2012,but WTF? all period are full house. AISH. =.=
Nevermind,next time then.. =(

We hang out everywhere at CP and Warisan Square.
And then,LoL..?? They both bought many thing from 
to make card presie to their Beloved.
With no reason? Just want to show their love to their Beloved..

After that,we go take Big-Head-Pic.
And then,BYE dears. I have to go home.
 There are also some stuff that i bought and did today.
Some pictures here:

New fashion spec..LOVE IT =)

New ear-pierce [1]Left ear

New ear-pierce [2]Right ear

[Just showing some true love . Saranghaeyo .]

Photos of LOVELY 13 SuJu Members + 1 whole group

Photos of LOVELY 13 SuJu Members + 1 whole group






Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I don't like those people who acting to admire SuJu so much.Its look really fool.I don't like it.I HATE IT..SO MUCH!! 
What in the world got such kind of people like that.
Just like Tan Tan case.
In my case,after MCD [a nickname of a fake girl] knew that i admire SuJu so much then SHE started to admire SuJu too..COPY-CAT!!!! FAKER!!
And i think just the reason of SuJu look handsome or cute,so that SHE admire them.Plus,SHE just admire one of them in SuJu.Doesn't worthy at all,right?!! Is that call a FAN?!! Or maybe we should call that an ANTI-FAN..!! F**CKED!!
Not that i don't let HER to admire SuJu.. Yea,of course everyone can admire SuJu.But as a truth fan,i think they don't deserve to admire SuJu just for fun or just because of they 13 guy's looks.
They don't even want to know everything about SuJu. They don't even wanna try to understand those stuff about SuJu.
Arrrrrggghhh!!!! DAMN IT!!!
SHE keep on talking about SuJu in front of me summore which just about their face looks and voice.
How about those news about SuJu?? SHE don't even one of it at all...
It's like my both ears gonna blow up and i could have a bad headache when heard those fool and fake stuff..
Try if SHE seen or know about SuJu member's bad side or maybe their ugly looks without make up..Like from what i know about SuJu is they 13 guys wont being fake no matter in front of camera or else..They all are so real..So,somehow they still will show out some of their bad side that maybe doesn't suit their looks..I think if SHE know about it,sure SHE started to unlike them or maybe ANTI-SUJU...
HELLO!!!! FAKER!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

♥My Full Love For 13 of Them • Super Junior♥

♥My Full Love For 13 of Them • Super Junior♥

♥My Lovely Super Junior M♥

♥My Lovely Super Junior M♥

♥My Lovely Super Junior Happy♥

♥My Lovely Super Junior Happy♥

♥My Lovely Super Junior T♥

♥My Lovely Super Junior T♥

♥My Lovely Super Junior KRY♥

♥My Lovely Super Junior KRY♥